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Rosen Method Movement Training Class 2021

Advance registration required for all classes & workshops. For information or to register; click Register Now below, call (831) 647-8039, Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm, or email rosenwest (at) Registration only guaranteed with deposit.

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March 19 to 21, 2021 Tuition: $325  


April 9 to 11, 2021 Tuition: $325  


Early registration (both weekends) Tuition: $600  


Contact Us for details or to register by phone.

Reviewers: Contact us for registration details.


Jane Malek

Jane trained with Marion Rosen. She is a senior training teacher of Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement, as well as founder and operator of the Monterey Bay Rosen Method Center. Jane began studying Rosen Method with Marion in 1980 and enjoyed a close apprenticeship with her for many years. They started co-teaching workshops together in 1990. Since those beginnings with Marion she has taught extensively in Europe, Canada and California. Jane has a bodywork practice and teaches a weekly movement class in the Monterey area. 


Jetta van Hemert

A Rosen Movement teacher since 2002. She went to the Berkeley school for her basic training where her teachers were Theresa Garcia and Lisa Thompson, among others. After she completed her Rosen Bodywork training in 2003, she started her own biweekly Rosen Movement classes at the Senior Center in Half Moon Bay, CA. In 2018, she started training with Jane Malek at the
Monterey Bay Rosen Center to become a Movement Training Instructor. She now teaches all her Movement classes from home on Zoom!