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What is a "copyright"?

A copyright is a legal right that protects creative content like movies, TV shows, books, sound recordings, music videos, photographs, published articles and other artistic works. The point of copyright law is to encourage the development of new creative content by giving the original creator certain exclusive rights to use the content.

Who is the copyright owner?

The original creator of the content owns the copyright to start with. The copyright owner can give someone else permission to use the content and can even sell the copyright to someone else.

What rights does a copyright owner have?

Only the copyright owner can copy, upload, display, distribute, publicly perform, and sell his or her content.

If I purchase a copy of a copyrighted work, do I own the copyright?

No. There is a difference between owning a physical copy of a copyrighted work and owning the copyright. If you buy a music CD, you own that copy of the CD, but you do not own the copyright to the songs on that CD.

Electronic and Online Reproduction

Jane Malek does not permit other websites to copy her personal articles without paying a license fee. If you are interested in referring your readers to one or more of her articles, then simply use a hypertext link to the original article stored on

Articles Reproduced on this Website

Some articles on are complete copies of the original work reproduced here with the author's permission and contain full disclosure of their source. You may link to the article here, otherwise you must seek permission from the owner for reproduction rights.

Linking to

We are sometimes asked whether we will permit other websites to link to pages on The answer is yes. Links are the foundation of the Web and you are welcome to link to as many articles as you want on this site.

Copying Style Sheets and Artwork

You are welcome to copy the CSS style sheet. If you want to use any of our design elements on your own site, you must contact us and ask permission as some of the artwork belongs to others.

When permission is granted then please make a copy and store it on your own server so that you don't add to the load on our server. This is the only exception to the rule of never placing copies of work on other servers.

Fair Use Quotes

Finally, the fair use clause obviously applies to this website: thus, if you are writing a review or commentary about, you are free to illustrate your review or commentary with one or more screenshots of the site without special permission.

Also, you can quote any of Jane Malek's published articles without special permission.

Even though there is no rule that requires this, it would be nice if any quote was supplemented by a link to the full article on so that any interested readers can retrieve the original context from which the quote was pulled.

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